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Our Departments

Rehabilitation and Communication skills

We provide high quality care in a timely and appropriate manner hence enabling students to acquire the skills and capabilities necessary for the development of personal independence and emotion stability. Student communication skills are also perfected in such a way that they can efficiently and effectively convey information to another with ease.


This department prepares students to enter in fashion and textile industries. It allows students to learn more on fabrics and stlyes hence this enables them to create clothings and accesories.
It also enables students to keep themselves updated on fashion trends,clothe repairs ,sketch designs and fabrics.

Tannery and
Leather work

Here students learn how to process animal hides into leather then manufacture leather products which include bags ,shoes and briefcase. We use specific chemicals derived from minerals ,plant matter and oils that fix to the fibres of a skin to prevent bacteria and atmospheric conditions from breaking down animal hides hence making long lasting leather.


In the carpentry department We teach students the art of making,repairing and fixing wooden based things.It also includes the art of cutting, shapping and installation of building materials during construction of buildings ,households and concrete framework.

Building Technology

We deal with the art of constructing permanent or temporary structures enclosed within enterior walls and a roof which includes all equipments and fixtures. Our students are capable of constructing house from making the building stones and fixing them.


We educate our students on how to manipulated thread to create fabrics with ease by the help of our trainers and knitting machines. We also educate them on the best, durable and flexible threads to use when knitting for a glamorous end product.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Information and Communications Technology (I C T) department students are taught the skills and knowledge needed to manage information systems. Our computer laboratory is well equipped with computers installed hardware and software which stimulates human reading voice and screen magnifiers equipments for the students with low vision.

Shiatsu(Japanese Massage)

Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese Massage therapy practised by our visually impared students by the use of their sensitive fingers.
It involves the use of fingers and the palm to apply pressure to the body for good health and relaxation.
This therapy doesn’t need any ointment, water or medicine. You also don’t need to take off your clothes.


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